Welcome to Impress Kids!
A Brand New Kids' Bible Memory Service

We are revolutionizing children's Bible memory in Christian churches, homes, and day schools, and everywhere else boys and girls around the world are becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

This is a magnificent endeavor, one we cannot accomplish alone. We invite you to join us and let's build Impress Kids together: one church, one school, one family and one heart at a time.

If you'd like to learn more about our team, our story and our vision, visit "About Us". Click "How it Works" to learn more. Or, for simple getting started steps for your situation visit "Start Guide".

By His power and for His glory,

John Tice
And the Impress Kids team

A Dynamic Kids' Bible Memory Service.
Web-Connected and Interactive for this Generation!

We are leveraging the capabilities of Internet and mobile technologies to present Bible memory in a context this generation understands and is attracted to. Impress Kids engages children with video, visual effects, audio, games and activities all designed to help boys and girls memorize, understand and grasp the life-application of God's Word.

Impress Kids connects children with the Bible and your programs all week long. And, you watch it happen with live reports! You no longer have to wonder if your children are cramming on the way to church. You can see who is playing and track their progress through the week.

Impress Kids is perfect for churches, families, Christian schools, and other groups!

ImpressKids.com is being designed for a single purpose - to provide an engaging new way for boys and girls to memorize, understand and grasp the life-application of God's Word.

Click "How it Works" to learn more. Or, for simple getting started steps for your situation visit "Start Guide".

The Games, Activities, Tools, even the Place is Provided. Customize to Fit Your Program and Curriculum.

This brand new service provides the games, activities, tools, even a virtual "Place". Use the simple manager tools to customize your Place to fit your programs and purposes.

Once you've started your subscription you'll create your Place. This is your virtual Place on the web where all your games, activities and more will be created and arranged. This is also the Place where your kids or members will experience what you've created for them.

Nothing shapes kids' faith and lives more powerfully than God's Word deeply anchored in their hearts. With Impress Kids, you have the tools to make it happen.

Visit "Guest" to see and experience actual demos. Also, check out the "FAQ's" for more specific details.

Impress Truth Upon Kids' Hearts in a New and Engaging Way! Connect Kids With God's Word and Your Ministry Through the Week.

God desires His truth to be fixed upon our hearts.

That's where it does its best life forming and transforming work. Impress Kids was created out of this conviction. We believe nothing shapes a child's Christian faith and life more powerfully than effective Bible memory.

You want to do more with Bible memory, but it's difficult with the limited time you have with the children. Now you can do "more". Your new Bible memory service dynamically connects kids with the Word of God and your ministry through the week.

Along with the ability to configure the games and activities for your program, you can personalize them too. Use notes section provided with each activity to comment on the meaning and life application of the passages. Take it even further and use Impress Kids' video sharing feature to really impress a point. The live reports feature allows you to see who is playing and track their progress.




  • World-class interactive games kids love.
  • Instant encouraging feedback - increases kids' enjoyment and progress.
  • Challenging levels and high scores motivate repeat play.
  • Connects kids with parents and leaders throughout the week*.
  • Select from more than 15 popular Bible versions.



  • Simple customizable micro-site for your church, family, school or other group.
  • Link your Impress Kids Place to your organization's existing website (optional).
  • Easy and useful member and group management.
  • Allow unlimited guests to access selected games and activities.
  • Children's online privacy is protected (see our Privacy Policy for details).
  • Display encouraging comments, announce incentives, awards and other messages*.
  • Unlimited memory verse selections and activities.
  • Real-time reports display member activity and progress - boosts participation and accountability.
  • Manage groups and access reports instantly, any time and from any where**.



  • RackSpace® Cloud is our premier server host of choice. Whether for one child or a million, we're instantly ready with an army of servers.
  • GeoTrust® QuickSSL™ protection provides the highest level of security with up to 256 bit encryption.
  • Since it's all in the cloud, there's nothing to download or install!

Rackspace & GeoTrust




  • Choose from three monthly subscription options to suit your needs.
  • To encourage adult participation with children, all parents, leaders and teachers are free!
  • Value guaranteed with a 14-Day Free Trial on every new subscription. If you don't like it, cancel and pay nothing.

The entire site and experience has been created to help children memorize Bible passages while also grasping the understanding and relevant life-application on their individual age level.

* Private messaging, chatting or any other two-way communication service is NOT available on Impress Kids or its MyPlace service.
** Devices must be web-enabled and connected. Refer to Terms of Use: Equipment and Software for more details.

High Impact and Value! The Investment is Measured in Cents Per Month. The Impact is Immeasurable

Monthly Subscription Options – Select Small to serve up to 50 registered children. Medium is perfect for up to 150, and the Large option is great for up to 250. When selecting your group size, plan for growth and don't count Parents, Leaders & Teachers—they're FREE! Groups larger than 250, we recommend purchasing multiple subscriptions for simpler and more effective management. Contact us and we'll offer guidance to get the most out of Impress Kids for your unique situation and programming.

Payment Methods – We've chosen PayPal® as our payment processor. However, it is NOT necessary to have a PayPal® account. You'll find a variety of payment methods and secure payment processing at check out.

14-Day Free Trial – Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like this brand new service, cancel and pay nothing. Payments are not processed until the 14-day trial period is complete.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Here are some of the questions we hear most.

If you have a question not answered here or elsewhere on our site, please contact us.
Q: Where is Impress Kid’s used?
A: Members may access Impress Kids on web connected computers anywhere. As children play from home, they stay connected to the Word of God and your ministry through the week. Your members will also enjoy playing individually or in group settings at church, school and other places.
Q: Will Impress Kids work for our entire ministry, all our groups and verses?
A: Yes. This new Bible memory service allows you to create as many activities and groups as you’d like depending on your programs and purposes. See Sample Places to see and experience actual demos.
Q: How are the activities or games created?
A: The tools are simple and there’s help every step of the way. There are just four steps:
  1. Select Activity – Using our simple tools, select the game from the activity list and give it a title based on your memory verse.
  2. Add Verse - Use our Bible lookup tool to configure the game with your Bible verse. Choose from over 15 popular Bible versions included with your new service. If we don’t offer the Bible version you want, just copy from your preferred source and paste it into our system.
  3. Personalize - Now personalize the activity by adding a comment about the passage, a challenge to play it four times this week, promote your incentives, whatever!
  4. Arrange - Customize and select how this activity will be displayed (e.g., Kidz Praise 1st Grade). If you’d like, you may also set the dates to show and hide the activity. Click the save button and your first activity is live!

    See Sample Places to see and experience actual demos.

Q: What games and activities are available and when can we expect more?
A: Three world-class games, Lily Pad Hop, Verse Hero and Granny’s Bible Dojo are yours to easily customize and offer kids endless play. Also available is the powerful Say It! and Media Player activities allowing you to create and present dynamic media to further enhance your impact. We plan to expand the options as we have opportunity.
Q: What versions of the Bible are included?
A: Over 15 popular Bible versions are available, including: New International Version (NIV, 2011 and 1984), Holman Christian Standard (HCSB), King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), Contemporary English Version (CEV), English Standard Version (ESV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), New Century Version (NCV), American Standard Version (ASV), Good News Translation (GNT), The Message (MSG), New Living Translation (NLT), Revised Standard Version (RSV), New Revised Standard (NRSV), and more. If we don’t offer the Bible version you want, just copy from your preferred source and paste it into our system. The publisher’s copyright information appears on the opening display of each game.
Q: Where will my activities be and how will they be displayed?
A: Impress Kids provides a virtual Place on the Web. We call it “MyPlace”. Think of it as your own micro-site. Your new service provides simple manager tools to customize and arrange your ministry groups and categories. This makes it simple for your members to find the activities you created for them. See Sample Places to experience actual demos.
Q: How will my members find and access MyPlace?
A: Your members use personal usernames and passwords to access MyPlace a number of ways. We recommend embedding a web link on your existing web page to drive kids to your site. Your webmaster will be able to do this easily. Also, your new service allows you to give your MyPlace web address a custom name (a.k.a., URL). Members will enter the name into their web browser then bookmark it or add it to their favorites. Members may also log in directly from ImpressKids.com.
Q: How do members join MyPlace?
A: Enter your members’ individually or use our convenient Bulk Add feature. Also, members may enter their own information when requesting an invitation from your guest page. Our simple manager tools allow you to send email and/or printed invitations to your members. Our process complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (C.O.P.P.A.). Read "Privacy Policy" for more information.
Q: How will I know if my kids are using this?
A: One of the strong features of your new service is access to live activity reports showing you who is playing, how often and track their progress. You no longer have to wonder if your children just crammed on the way to church.
Q: Where can I learn more about configuring activities, customizing MyPlace, managing members, etc.?
A: The specific details with all the helps are available within the service. The best way to learn is to experience it. We suggest starting your 14-day free trial to give it a try.
Q: Why is it necessary to charge for this service?
A: Your subscription supports the mission of Impress Kids to provide a dynamic place where children are free to engage in Bible memory and learning without the distraction of third-party advertising.
Q: Why are prices based on group size?
A: Subscriptions are based on group size for band-width reasons. Larger groups require more band-width expense. Therefore, we’ve chosen to provide three subscription options: small to serve up to 50 registered children; medium for up to 150, and the large for up to 250. Visit our Pricing Page for details.
Q: Can a price be arranged for groups smaller than 50?
A: At this time we do not offer smaller group sizes. We’ve found that our subscribers are selecting group sizes to grow into and/or to share with children outside of their immediate classes or households.
Q: Why can’t we subscribe for more than 250 members?
A: For groups larger than 250 members, we recommend purchasing multiple subscriptions. This allows for simpler and more effective management. Contact us and we’ll offer guidance so that you’ll get the most out of Impress Kids for your unique situation and programming.
Q: Is the identity and privacy of children and members protected on this service?
A: Yes. Our service complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (C.O.P.P.A.).
Q: Are MyPlace managers permitted to send messages to children?
A: The Impress Kids service allows group leaders to post comments, announcements and other messages that are viewable by all guests and registered members. Private messaging is NOT available and children are not able to reply to messages on the Impress Kids service.
Q: Is chatting or any two-way communication allowed on this service?
A: Private messaging, chatting or any other two-way communication services are NOT available on Impress Kids or the MyPlace service.
Q: Are MyPlace managers able to view children’s activity?
A: Yes. MyPlace managers have access to beneficial activity reports of members. This feature is provided to track and encourage children’s progress.
Q: What devices are needed to access Impress Kids?
A: Our web-based service is accessed over a reliable Internet connection using a recent version of your favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others. While you may be able to connect to our site from mobile devices, our site has not been design for use on small display screens.
Q: Is anything else required to play Impress Kids’ games?
A: Yes. Your browser must also be able to show Adobe Flash content. Most modern browsers come built-in with this ability. If not, your browser may ask you to download a plug-in to allow it to display Flash content. A notable exception to this is Apple iOS. The iPhone and iPad do NOT support Flash L. In some cases we may produce stand-alone iOS compatible apps like Granny’s Bible Dojo . The best way to find out if your system is supported is to give it a try. Play the Verse Hero demo .

If we haven’t answered your questions here or elsewhere on our site, please contact us . Thank you.